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One question always comes up when planning a kitchen renovation: do you want something trendy or something timeless? Here at NYKB, we say, “Why not both?” The hottest trends in kitchen design serve as inspiration as you browse online or visit showrooms. A truly timeless space combines these dynamic concepts with practical needs to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen space. Make 2023 the year of the dream kitchen with these trends to get you started.

1. Updated Backsplashes

Bold-patterned wallpaper and marble slabs are the best ways to add color and interest to your kitchen. Choose a heatproof and waterproof wallpaper for your kitchen design and install it behind open shelves. This is a great way to test a color or pattern before you commit to it.
Marble backsplashes make a big statement in a kitchen, especially when they match your kitchen countertops for a clean, seamless look. Swap out your traditional tile backsplash for marble slabs and say goodbye to scrubbing the grout lines. You could also combine the two and make a bold statement for your kitchen design.

2. Warmer Tones

The Scandinavian style is on its way out in 2023. Kitchen designs no longer have to be minimalistic or neutral as homeowners embrace warm colors in their kitchen remodeling plans. These include natural wood, limestone, leather, and off-white and chalkier shades of paint. If you prefer dark or stark colors, warm up the space with ample lighting, cabinet hardware, and kitchen accessories.

3. Sustainable Kitchens

Homeowners also choose durable and recyclable materials in their kitchen designs this year. Go for ethically-sourced wood, steel, stone, and recycled plastic materials in your kitchen remodeling project. Even better, consider buying an ex-show kitchen that’s already complete. You’ll reuse the showcased products and features instead of ordering them afresh and save on your kitchen remodeling budget.

4. Hidden Pantries

A scullery or butler’s pantry is hot in kitchen design for 2023. This space is perfect for preparing or storing food or kitchenware, keeping snacks or treats, or even having a private coffee nook or wine cellar. Butler’s pantries are so versatile that kitchen renovation experts predict they’ll grow popular in the coming years. Hide a scullery behind your kitchen cabinets by adding a sliding door to conceal the space from curious kids or guests.

5. Dining Islands

Upgrade your kitchen by adding an island with extra seating and counter space to entertain family and friends. Rather than simply adding kitchen cabinets, turn your island into a gathering space even for your four-legged friends–some designs now come with built-in feeding stations for pets. This 2023 kitchen design trend indicates that homeowners would rather entertain in the kitchen than in a dining room.

6. Colorful Islands

If you already have a kitchen island and want an instant upgrade, throw some paint on it. Of course, your color choice depends on the rest of your kitchen. Use your kitchen island as an accent piece, such as a matte black base with red kitchen countertops or a turquoise base with a marble top. This way, you get the wow factor in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

7. Space-Smart Kitchen Designs

Adding functionality to a tight space is always a challenge for kitchen design. But if your kitchen is about the size of a cupboard, make it your kitchen remodeling project in 2023. A rolling cart can serve as a food prep counter, or install an efficient kitchen sink with a dish rack if you have no space for a dishwasher. Add as much light as possible into your tiny kitchen to make it feel larger, and make the most of vertical space with open shelves and knife mounts.

8. Bottom Drawers

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets are the go-to storage option for large items like pots, pans, or cleaning supplies. Today, however, drawers are more popular among homeowners who need more accessibility functions in the kitchen. If you have trouble reaching items at the back of your kitchen cabinets, consider extra-large drawers when planning your kitchen renovation. Keep in mind that the hardware on the bottom drawers is extra large, too, so choose your knobs and pulls wisely.

9. Mixed Materials

Wood, stone, ceramics, metals, and plastics came together in 2023 to create sophisticated kitchen designs. Bold hardware on kitchen cabinets meets butcher block islands and terrazzo floors. This contrast makes for a fascinating, inviting kitchen and allows you to save on your kitchen remodeling budget. Vintage, secondhand, and recycled pieces can all fit together in this kitchen design style.

10. Wet Bars

A wet bar is a perfect way to break up monotonous surfaces and add color to your kitchen. You need basic wet bar features like a sink, cooler or mini-fridge, and shelves for your glassware and bar equipment. However, why not add a touch of vibrance to your choices? Add a colorful backsplash, make it all marble, or install glass cabinetry for a high-end finish.
If you’re not much of a drinker, swap the wet bar for a coffee or tea nook. Display unique mugs and keep your brewing gear in this space.

11. Pendant Lights

Regarding lighting, the 2023 kitchen design trend points to pendant lights and chandeliers rather than recessed lights. You can make bold lighting choices with your kitchen remodeling concept to make a statement in your space.
Asymmetrical pendant lamps are unmistakably eye-catching, but you can go for woven rattan pendants, mesh wire lights, or classic bell-shaped lights, depending on your design. Whichever design you choose, ensure that your kitchen pendant lights are dimmable. You want it brighter when cooking to illuminate your tasks and softer when sharing your meals with family and guests.

12. Natural Stone Slabs

Instead of the well-loved stacked stone backsplash, homeowners prefer a more seamless look with stone slabs this year. Think of granite and marble backsplashes flowing from floor to ceiling, quartzite kitchen countertops, or onyx backsplashes that look like natural art on your kitchen walls. These are excellent options if you want to maintain a neutral or dark color scheme in your kitchen renovation instead of using tiles, wallpaper, or paint.

13. Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchen technologies are innovative and trendy and save time and energy bills. They’re also helpful for people living with disabilities or mobility challenges. 2023 has even more tech advancements in the kitchen, from touchless faucets to IoT appliances.
The humble fridge can have features like ambient lighting on the doors to help you see at night or doors that turn transparent when you touch them. The possibilities are endless, so consider upgrading your kitchen tech this year.

Bonus: Handmade Touches

The kitchen is a wonderful room to showcase artwork and unique decorations like sculptures, paintings, pottery, or even bonsai trees. As homeowners plan to spend more time in the kitchen this year, personal or handmade objects will become a mainstay in this space.
This trend is not about splurging on expensive arts and crafts but about making your kitchen more welcoming. Display your own or your kids’ art in the kitchen for a touch of comfort, or add a few quirky collectibles that make you smile.

Build A Kitchen Design That Lasts A Lifetime With NYKB

We love keeping an eye out for the latest kitchen design trends here at NYKB. But what we love more is to help you create a space that suits your style and convenience.
Our team of interior designers understands how to balance the new with the timeless, thanks to decades of experience with kitchen remodeling in New York City. We have everything you need for your kitchen renovation, including:

  • Every kitchen cabinet style from local and international manufacturers
  • Natural stone, stainless steel, glass, wood, concrete, and specialty kitchen countertops
  • All types of tiles, from ceramic to glass, stone, leather, and wood
  • The latest models and brands of kitchen appliances, sinks, faucets, and cabinetry hardware

So whether you’re building a brand new kitchen from scratch or looking for a cosmetic upgrade, NYKB’s got you covered. Our three-step kitchen remodeling process takes you from concept to construction with zero stress over permits, approvals, or insurance. Start with a free kitchen design consultation today.

13 Top Kitchen Design Trends In 2023 - NYKB (2024)
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